Intensive Care and Intermediate Care

Who are these services intended for?

The intensive care unit is for people who are in critical condition, suffering from the failure of one or more vital functions or at risk of developing severe complications.


How can I benefit from these services?

Access is based on the severity of an individual’s illness or injuries and may only be given by a specialized medical team.


Contact Details

St. Mary’s Hospital Center

Intensive Care

  • Telephone:  514 345-3511, extension 3661
  • Location: 2nd floor

Address and parking

Hôpital de LaSalle

Intensive Care and Intermediate Care  



  • Intensive Care: Wing R and S, 2nd floor
  • Intermediate Care:   Wing A, 2nd floor

Address and parking

Lakeshore General Hospital

Intensive Care

Telephone:  514 630-2225, extension 2599
Location: 2nd floor, North

Intensive Care and Intermediate CareAddress and parking



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