Ma famille, ma communauté


Ma famille, ma communauté is an intervention program that works in partnership with community members and organizations, schools, daycares and others to foster an environment that allows children to remain in their environment. 

Its aim is to reduce the number of children who are placed in alternative living environments, and when such arrangements are unavoidable, promotes placements close to home; 

Ma famille, ma communauté also works to shorten the length of stay in alternative living environments, reduce the frequency of changes in alternative living environments, and to improve the success rate for family reunifications.  

When placing a child in another living environment appears unavoidable, the program turns to foster families from within the community so that the child can remain in their social milieu. 

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Program Launch at our CIUSSS

On September 20, 2022, our CIUSSS, in collaboration with community partners, launched the Ma famille, ma communauté Program for English-speaking children aged 0 to 17 and their families living in the borough of Lachine.

The borough of Lachine was identified as the first roll-out site for the program, which will gradually be deployed more widely on the Island of Montréal.

Our CIUSSS provide services to residents of the Island of Montréal who wish to receive services in English, and to members of Montréal’s Jewish community, in both French and English. These services are provided primarily under the auspices of the Youth Protection Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services.

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Contact us

For further information about the program’s target clienteles, aims, operation, and strategies, please see the government’s website.

For information about the launch of the program at our CIUSSS, contact us at Mafamille.macommunauté

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