Birth Plan

What’s a birth plan?

Some families like to create a birth plan in preparation for the delivery and arrival of their child. 

The form is used to communicate your wishes. Please take the time to go over it with your partner and your doctor.

Remember however, that childbirth is unpredictable. Your birth plan is not a list of demands; instead, it is used to identify what’s important to you and outline what you would like to happen, if possible. 

Be flexible!

There are a variety of birth plan templates. Ask a health professional for a plan or download this tool from the Naître et grandir website.

Download the birth plan - St. Mary’s Hospital Center 

When and to whom should I give my birth plan?

Discuss your birth plan with your doctor or midwife around 36 weeks. 

On the day of your delivery, bring two copies - one for the nurse and one to have in your room. If you have a support person with you, bring another copy for them. 

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