Examination of your complaint

  • The Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner receives your complaint. He can help you formulate your complaint or ensure that you get the assistance you need.
  • He examines your complaint to clearly identify the problem and try to solve it. At this point he asks you for your version of the facts.
  • He then gathers information from the other parties involved.
  • He intervenes without delay, and in the manner he feels most appropriate, if informed that someone who has made or intends to make a complaint is subjected to any kind reprisal.
  • He informs you of the results within 45 days of receiving your complaint. Along with his findings, he proposes solutions to resolve the situation or other recommendations made to management, if appropriate.
  • However, if your complaint concerns a professional practising in a health and social services institution, such as a physician, a dentist, a pharmacist or a medical resident, the Commissioner will send it to the medical examiner for special examination. You will be informed if this occurs.

Second-Level Complaint

Non-medical complaints

Should you not be satisfied by the answers or conclusions from the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner, you can contact the Ombudsman’s Office.

Complaint against a physician, dentist, pharmacist or medical resident

Should you remain unsatisfied by the answers or conclusions from the medical examiner, you can exercise your right of recourse to the Montréal West Island CIUSSS Revision Committee.

Revision Committee Chair
Board of Directors

Board of Directors
CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
2400 Boulevard des Sources
Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 0E9

514 693-2449


Our Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner

Mr. Emmanuel Morin is the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner for the Montréal West Island CIUSSS.

Bonnie Helwer, Lise Doiron and Marie-Christine Gélinas are the Associate Service Quality and Complaints Commissioners. 

Video presentation of the Service Quality and Complaints Commission

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