Agir Tôt Program


The program’s objective is to support developing children’s full potential from ages 0 to 5 years old and to: 

  • Spot signs of developmental difficulties;
  • Equip children and their parents;
  • Ease the transition into kindergarten.

Services available

The Agir Tôt program’s services are available free of charge to those who want them. 

The 18-month Vaccination Appointment

The 18-month vaccination appointment is now a longer visit (lasting about 1 hour). This appointment is an opportunity to monitor the child’s development using the ABCdaire 18 months+ tool. 

During the appointment, the child will receive their vaccines and the healthcare personnel of the local community services centre (CLSC) will complete the child’s ABCdaire 18mois+ assessment sheet using information provided by the parent as well as data from the child’s physical exam.
Parents’ participation is important. There are two tools are available to help parents prepare for this vaccination appointment: 

  • checklist you will receive before the appointment, which is intended to help parents observe their child beforehand;
  • preparatory video that explains what will happen at the appointment and things the healthcare personnel will be looking for.

Following the appointment, the child and their family will be referred to the appropriate services, as needed.


If the child shows any signs of developmental difficulties, they will be referred to the Agir Tôt screening program. The screening involves completing an online questionnaire available on the Internet and a discussion with a caseworker. The questionnaire covers various aspects of a child’s development. Based on the results, the family and child will receive support, assistance, and a referral to services according to the child’s needs.

Early Intervention

The Agir Tôt program provides access to a range of services provided by an intervention team that includes specialists in various disciplines. Such interventions aim to:

  • Help parents better assist their child through the stages of development and in their daily life;
  • Offer stimulation and intervention to help the child develop and function well at home, at daycare, and at school;
  • Prepare the child for the start of kindergarten and ensure a smooth transition to school;
  • Assist parents throughout the processes and services offered.

Contact us

To benefit from the Agir tôt Program, contact your CLSC:

CLSC de Dorval-Lachine:514 639-0660
CLSC de LaSalle:514 364-2572
CLSC Lac-Saint-Louis: 514 697-4110
 CLSC de Pierrefonds: 514 626-2572

For more information, visit the Québec government website.



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