STAND UP! Program


The STAND UP! fall prevention program is a free 12-week intensive group program. Its goal is to prevent falls and fractures in autonomous seniors who live in the community and who are concerned about falling or unsure of their balance. 

Criterias for Admission

  • Age 65 years and over ;
  • Have fallen within the past year, be afraid of falling, or unsure of their balance ;
  • Be motivated and able to take part in a group exercise program twice a week for 12 weeks.

*After you have registered, you will need to complete a selection questionnaire (on your health) before you are accepted. A program administrator will call you to go through the questions.

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Criterias for Exclusion

  • Needing a walking aid (such as a cane or a walker) ;
  • Obesity that restricts mobility ;
  • A cardiac condition that is not controlled ;
  • A degenerative disease that affects balance (such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis) or the after-effects of a stroke (such as hemiparesis) ;
  • Difficulty remaining in standing position for long periods of time ;
  • Out of breath when at rest (dyspnea) ;
  • Cognitive deficits that affect the ability to follow instructions.


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  • Improve balance and leg strength ;
  • Learn to arrange the home and avoid risky actions ;
  • Feel more able to prevent falls ;
  • Help to maintain bone density in areas most vulnerable to fractures (wrists, hips, and spine) ;
  • Encourage regular practice of physical activity.

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The STAND UP program in three components

  1. Group physical activity to improve balance ;
  2. Information on fall prevention ; 
  3. Exercises at home. 

The program is led by a trained and qualified CIUSSS kinesiologist. It was developed to be safe and adapted to the abilities of every participant.

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To Register




By phone : 514 364-1541
By email :


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By phone : 514 633-4001


By phone : 514 428-4400 poste 4470
By email :


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By phone : 514 630-1300 poste 1644


By phone : 514 694-4100 poste 3323

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For more information

Information Sheets

Programs and Workshops

  • Awareness workshop on fall prevention, by FADOQ-Montréal for people over 50 years of age and their caregivers (FR only).  
  • Le GO pour bouger!, physical activity for seniors (content available in 10 languages)
  • The Move 50+ online platform encourages those over age 50 to be physically active.

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Registration Periods

Spring: February 1 to March 15

Autumn: July 1 to August 15 

Winter: September 1 to December 15 

**Registration periods are for reference only and may vary from one location to another. 

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