Residential Services

Among the residential resources available in Montréal, there are public and private facilities, intermediate resources, private seniors’ residences and other residential resources that offer living environments that are adapted to various clienteles. 

Any decision regarding the placement of a senior experiencing a loss of independence is based, first and foremost, on an assessment of their abilities. This assessment is used to identify an individual’s needs and to refer them to the resource that will best meet their needs.

When home support services no longer meet the needs of a person coping with a severe loss of independence, a request for placement in a residential and long-term care centre can be explored with the help of social workers from the CIUSSS. 


Click the image to view the video Transition to an assisted living residence (with the precious help of CIUSSS Montérégie-Ouest

How do I request placement?

If you live at home alone or with an informal caregiver, you must contact your local CLSC and ask for the Home Support Services. 

If you are a senior and are hospitalized, your request should be directed to the hospital’s social services.

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