Socio-professional services

The main focus of our socio-professional services is to promote personal growth within a continuum of services, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to ensure their inclusion and social participation.

Day activity centres

Day activity centres provide clients with an opportunity to gain skills that promote independence (personal hygiene, meal preparation, communication, workplace skills). These programs also foster social participation and encourage clients to develop their social skills, including self-regulation.

Day activities (in partnership with community organizations)

By having partnerships with several community organizations, we are able to provide community integration services for individuals who have an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder, with or without a physical disability.

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Our workshops focus on developing self-regulation and workplace skills. Clients are taught independent living, decision-making and social participation skills. Workshops provide a space in which they can develop job-related skills under the supervision of West Montreal Readaptation Centre staff.

Work programs

Work programs provide clients with an opportunity to learn and sharpen their professional skills. Those who participate in these programs have a certain level of independence, can follow a routine and have mastered their basic needs (personal hygiene, getting dressed, feeding themselves, etc.). In these settings, clients can rely on the support of an educator at all times. Moreover, the partners involved are from the private sector or school boards, among others.

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Programs on campus and in healthcare facilities

These programs are intended for clients who can attend to their own personal hygiene needs, who have achieved a good level of independence and who are able to resolve minor day-to-day issues. These clients work in integrated settings that focus on work-readiness and developing interpersonal relationships. While a specialized educator is on site, clients must only require minimal assistance and must be able to function in complex settings surrounded by many employees and clients.

Workplace integration/Workplace internship

This program enables clients to benefit from the support of a company’s employees. It allows them to hone their professional skills with the goal of obtaining a paid job. Clients must have good social skills and be able to ask a colleague or their integration officer (who visits weekly or less frequently) for help when needed. Clients must be able to take public transit on their own or manage their own specialized transit.

Integration officers have access to numerous employment programs through Emploi Québec, which they can present to those who meet the required criteria.

More information on the Employment Support Program

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How do I go about getting these services?

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