Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the online registration process, payment methods, the parking lots in general, or any other parking-related issue? This section contains a wealth of useful information.  

We will continue to add questions and answers to this section regularly.

Registration and payment procedure

How do I register for a permit using the Société Parc-Auto du Québec (SPAQ) platform?

  1. Select the permit you want based on your user category and specify the vehicles for which you need parking permits.
  2. Enter your personal contact information and vehicle information so that the SPAQ can effectively process your request.
  3. Select your payment method as well as the payment details. Those using payroll deductions, an option available to a certain category of users,  are not required to provide their financial information.
  4. Send the permit request to the SPAQ.

The SPAQ will review your request upon receipt and will confirm your eligibility. Payments, whether by bank withdrawal or on your credit card will only begin once your request is accepted by the SPAQ. For existing permit holders, withdrawals will not be interrupted during the transfer.  If your request is refused, no withdrawals will be made and your financial details will be destroyed.


I submitted a permit request and have still not received a response. What should I do?

The SPAQ tries to do its best  to ensure that requests are processed efficiently and in a timely manner. However, if you want to follow-up on a request, please contact the Service Centre (registration platform) by phone at 1 877 327-7727, Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, or by email at


My request was not accepted and I don’t know why.

If your permit request was not accepted and you want more information, contact the SPAQ Service Centre by phone at 1 877 327-7727, Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, or by email:


How many vehicles can I register?

You can have up to 2 vehicles.

Please note: It will take 24 hours for the system to process changes


I’m getting a new license plate and/or vehicle. What should I do?

  1. From the menu on the left, click on “Paramètres”
  2. Select “Mes véhicules”
  3. Select the vehicle in question and click on “Éditer” (pencil icon).
  4. Change the license plate number and/or vehicle information, then click on “Continuer”

Please note: It will take 24 hours for the system to process changes.

I have a courtesy car. What should I do?

You must notify the Service Centre, by phone, to register the car’s license plate number before getting to the parking lot.

Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, at 1-877-327-7727.

Do I have to register a vehicle that belongs to the CIUSSS?

There is no action required on your part. Vehicles that belong to our CIUSSS are already registered.


Can I get a short-term permit?

All permits are monthly and automatically renew every month. To cancel a permit, you must do so through the SPAQ platform.


Will I receive a payment confirmation if I use pre-authorized payments?

Yes, once your parking permit request is approved, you will receive a payment confirmation by email every month.

Please note: This does not apply to users who pay through payroll deductions.

I have not received a payment confirmation. What should I do?

Contact the SPAQ by email at to request your payment confirmation.


Is the payment platform secure?

Yes, all settings are secure and comply with level 1 (the highest level) industry standards.


How do I update my personal contact details in my online account?

  1. Select  “Paramètres” from the menu on the left.
  2. Fill out the section in question to make the necessary changes.

How do I update my permit information?

  1. Go to “Mon abonnement”.
  2. Click on “Transmettre une demande de modification” and follow the instructions.
  3. The SPAQ Service Centre will send you a confirmation email once the change is approved.

How do I cancel my permit?

  1. Go to “Mon abonnement”.
  2. Click on “Transmettre une demande d’annulation”.
  3. Select the date on which you want your permit to end based on the terms of your contract.
  4. Click on “Envoyer la demande d’annulation”.
  5. You will receive a confirmation by email.

Use of parking lots

How will the use of parking permits be enforced?

The enforcement and validation of parking permits will be done by the SPAQ through license plate recognition.


If I work in a facility other than my home base, do I need two different permits?

A permit for an open or non-gated lot can be used in any open or non-gated lot. However, if you have a permit for an open or non-gated lot and must go to a facility that has a closed or gated lot, you will have to use the pay-and-display machine at that facility and follow the regular payment instructions.


How are permits issued when a facility has a limited number of parking spaces?

In such situations, permits are granted based on supply and demand.



Is the SPAQ Service Centre bilingual?

Several of the customer service agents are bilingual.


What is a home base?

It is the facility where an employee works the majority of the time.


What are “payroll deductions” and “pre-authorized payments”?

A payroll deduction is a specific amount that is withheld from your paycheck. A pre-authorized payment (or debit)  is a charge that is made directly to your credit card or withdrawn directly from your bank account.   



How do I go about paying a ticket?

Payment instructions are provided on the ticket.


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