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HTA process

A HTA is based on a systematic review and an objective and rigorous analysis of the scientific, clinical, organizational, ethical, legal, or social data, together with an assessment of the methodological quality of the studies. 

The team members that comprise the HTA unit work closely with stakeholders to define project milestones, including the framework and the drafting of an implementation plan, as well as organize follow-up meetings to engage decision-makers. 

Once the project is completed, a report is drafted, reviewed and published.  

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Our role

To improve the quality of care and services provided to users and their loved ones, managers are constantly called upon to make decisions regarding the introduction of new technologies or interventions. These decisions are based on efficacy, safety, costs, context, the users and the target clientele. This is where HTA experts come into play and support the decision-makers. 

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Who can submit a request?

Government decision-makers, upper management, clinical and cross-functional directorates, user representatives and other interest groups, research centres and CIUSSS partners can submit a request for a HTA.

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How to submit a request?

To submit a request for a HTA, you must first

fill out this form

. Our experts can help you fill it out to pinpoint your needs. Requests are then assessed for admissibility and feasibility. Once they are given the go-ahead, they are prioritized in accordance with the organization’s major projects.

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The team

The HTA unit consists of a multidisciplinary team of science professionals from different areas of expertise, from a medical and scientific information specialist, to an administrative agent and a unit manager.


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