Research Ethics


The REB of the MWI IUHSSC is divided into two subcommittees sharing the evaluation and continuous monitoring of the projects depending on the themes addressed. 

  • Mental Health and Neuroscience Committee Psychiatry, mental health, neurological disorders, i.e. projects essentially submitted by the Douglas RC researchers.
  • Biomedical Subcommittee General medicine, family medicine, surgery, biomedical sciences, oncology and clinical sciences (including those in mental health), i.e. projects essentially submitted by the researchers of St. Mary’s Hospital Centre and Lakeshore General Hospital.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the two Research Ethics Boards of our IUHSSC gave the mandate of seeing to the protection of the research participants. 

With this goal, they must ensure that the research projects respect the dignity, welfare and rights of the participants. The Research Ethics Boards have the power to approve, amend, stop or refuse any proposal in pursuit of a research project. They are responsible for monitoring research projects in progress.

Following the Institution's regulatory framework, the Research Ethics Boards work according to the Ministerial action plan on research ethics and scientific integrity, the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct  for Research Involving Humans (TCPC) and the Rules of operation of the Research Ethics Board of the Institution.

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