Products and Services

Traditional HTA reports

Based on a systematic review of the literature and the gathering of evidence from a variety of sources, including contextual and experiential data.  Also involves an expert panel that contributes its expertise.

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Abridged reports

Based on a simplified systematic review and the gathering of evidence from a variety of sources that may include contextual and experiential data. 

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Rapid responses

Based on an exploratory literature review that may include contextual and experiential data. Used to meet specific and urgent requests.

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Practice guidelines or adaptation of practice guidelines

Adaptation and contextualization of practice guidelines for Québec. 

It should be noted that based on its level of complexity, it can take anywhere from 1 to 18 months to complete a HTA. The choice of final product will depend not only on the nature of the request, but also on the needs and timeframe. Decisions are also guided by the current state of scientific knowledge and in keeping with ethical principles, which require a more or less thorough analysis of the intervention context as well as the experience of experts and users in the field in question.   

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Support services provided to other directorates and departments

Assessment of the quality of scientific publications

Training / conferences:

  • Statistics 
  • Methodology
  • Literature search and related tools

Support and guidance with: 

  • Statistics
  • Literature search 
  • Field data collection and  markup
  • Review, critique and assessment of protocols and scientific publications

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