University Education and medical internships

Our CIUSSS contributes to its teaching mission by making a vast and diversified range of internships and rotations available and creating learning environments that are healthy, safe and stimulating.

Academic Affairs oversees the coordination of activities across all disciplines as well as undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level programs. 

2024 IUHSSC Academic Week

May 27 to May 30: Academic Week at our CIUSSS! Join in!

A rewarding event that highlights our academic mission and promotes knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration, and professional development at our institution.

Academic Week is a unique opportunity for interns, university students, supervisors, managers, and employees to take part in training and networking activities.

Click here for the complete schedule!



  • Ensure the coordination of university internships and medical rotations through close partnerships with educational institutions and our CIUSSS’ clinical and non-clinical directorates.  
  • Ensure a welcoming and stimulating learning environment for both trainees and their supervisors.  


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Our services

Internship/Rotation Coordination

  • Help students, residents and supervisors with placements and filling out forms.
  • Plan orientation days for trainees and support clinical departments during orientation.

Simulation Centre Coordination

  • Coordinate activities at the SMHC Simulation Centre.
  • Coordinate the Simulation Centre Committee.

Recognition of Internship/Rotation Supervisors and Trainees

  • Develop a recognition and appreciation program for supervisors and trainees.

Tactical Teaching Committee

  • Track internship revenue.
  • Monitor indicators and the status of teaching and internship/rotation-related activities.
  • Track funding from the MSSS for internships/rotations, trainees and supervisors.

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Where our Trainees are from 2021-2022 / Partner Universities


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Contact us

For information about internships and rotations, please select the email address that corresponds to what you are looking for:  

We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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