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Bursaries and Financial Aid

If you are enrolled in a university program and are looking for information on the various loans and bursaries available, contact your university’s Financial Aid Office.   
You can also check out this site:

Consult this website for more information

For more information on the eligibility requirements or the application process for the bursary programs offered at our CIUSSS, please refer to the following sites:

Documentation Centre

For information or support with finding answers to clinical or administrative questions, contact the Documentation Centre at:



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Did you intern at one of the facilities that are part of the Montréal West Island CIUSSS? Are you dissatisfied with your internship experience? Do you want to lodge a complaint?  If so, we want to hear from you so that we may improve the quality of our internships and clinical supervision as well as provide a supportive learning environment in which interns can develop their professional skills. Filing a complaint is constructive and you will not be the subject of reprisals. 

Complaints must be sent by email to the AATRD (Academic Affairs, Teaching and Research Directorate). The university teaching team will conduct a summary review to assess its eligibility. They will also speak to those concerned by your complaint to hear their point of view. Then in collaboration with your educational institution’s internship coordinator, a plan of action will be prepared and strategies will be implemented.   


  1. Download and fill out the form
  2. Email the form to:

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