Elective Rotations and Observerships

Elective Rotations

  • Open to students/residents from Québec and other Canadian provinces for elective rotations 

To apply for an elective rotation


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Open to medical students, students from other disciplines and international medical graduates (IMG) from Québec, other Canadian provinces or abroad who want to do an observership  (currently on hiatus due to COVID-19).

To apply for an observership :

  1. Fill out the form on the website and be sure to include the dates of the internship. The head of the department in which the observation period will be conducted and the supervisor must sign the form.

2. Attach to your request:

  • Your resume ;
  • Your CMQ equivalence ;
  • Your CMQ number;
  • Any other relevant document.

3. Contact the potential supervisor and obtain their approval.

The supervisor must then submit the form to the Professional Services Office (PSD) for approval.

For information regarding the Douglas Mental Health University Institute's observership application process

Contact the medical education office: medical.education@douglas.mcgill.ca

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