Responsible Conducts in Research


Under Standard 9 of the MSSS Ministerial Reference Framework for Research Involving Human Participants. (2020), your IUHSSC has the obligation to deploy and maintain an environment that encourages and favours responsible conduct in research. This conduct refers to the behaviours expected of anyone who carries on research or research support activities at any stage of a research project. This conduct also assumes the knowledge and application of the established professional standards and ethical values and principles that are essential to the performance of all the research-related activities. These values include honesty, equity, trust, responsibility and openness (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR, 2021).

The values to which our CIUSSS adheres in matters of responsible conduct and the details concerning the breaches and the measures to be taken to address the allegations and breaches are available via the full version of the Policy on responsible conduct in research

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Reporting breach of responsible conduct in research

Do you doubt about a behaviour?

Communicate with Institution’s person in charge of responsible conduct*:

Dr. Willine Rozefort
Assistant Director of Professional Services
514-761-6131  extension 2755

*The allegation or the complaint is addressed in complete confidentiality and complete security. 

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