Apply for an internship

Apply for an internship

Most of the internships at the Montréal West Island CIUSSS are done through an internship placement process. Simply put, your educational institution takes care of finding you an internship in a facility that meets the goals of the internship. Please note that your educational institution must confirm the internship before you can start.

Approach your professors or your educational institution’s internship coordinator and voice your interest in doing an internship in a CIUSSS.  

Requests must be submitted by your educational institution:

Are you looking for a university internship on your own?

If your educational institution has asked you to find an internship on your own, reach out to our university teaching team directly. To apply for an internship:

Submit the following documents with your application: 

  • CV and cover letter
  • Internship application form
  • Information about the internship (field of interest if known, start and end dates of the internship, total number of days, number of days per week)
  • Document(s) from the educational institution (agreements, internships objectives and other relevant documents)

Please note that you must receive confirmation of your internship from the CIUSSS’ university teaching team before you can start. Processing time for requests is approximately 6 weeks. We will contact our internal resources before giving you an answer.

Are you a university student or a healthcare professional from abroad or outside Québec?

Requests for international internships must be done through a Québec university. The university is required to sign an affiliation agreement with our CIUSSS and will look after your internship request.

Requests must be sent by your educational institution to the following address:

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