Our Commitments

To ensure a real integration of the services provided to the community, the Montréal West Island Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS):

  • is at the heart of a Local Service Network (LSN) with 8 cities and 4 boroughs;
  • is responsible for delivering health care services to the population in its health and social service territory, including a public health component;
  • has a responsibility to the people in its health and social service territory;
  • oversees the organization of services and their complementarity with those provided by the other institutions and resources in its territory, in light of its multiple missions and in a manner that reflects the needs of the population it serves and its territorial realities;
  • enters into agreements with other facilities and partner organizations in its LSN (university hospitals, medical clinics, family physician groups, network clinics, community agencies, community pharmacies, external partners, etc.).

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Our Values

Organizational values are the invisible driver of our behaviour and are based on the deep convictions that guide our decisions. To fulfil our mission, the values we have chosen to promote are those of agility, respect, and partnership.


We are at all times flexible and adaptable in the way we approach each situation that needs to be managed, be it with our clients, our peers, or in management relationships. While respecting the rules in place, we remain constantly on the lookout for simple, creative, bold solutions and we are constantly innovating.


Our actions and words make it clear that we recognize the value of the person with whom we are interacting, whether it is a client, a peer, or managerial situations. We take into consideration the importance of their perspective, though it may diverge from our own, and we show humanity in our relationships and our decision-making.


We approach all of our relationships with others in a spirit of close collaboration. Whether with clients, our peers, or in a management situation, we propose an approach that is based on common, complementary, and concerted actions that respect the roles and skills of each and that allow everyone to benefit. 

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The 5 Major Missions of the Montréal West Island CIUSSS

Services to the Community 

  • 4 local community service centres (CLSC) 

Hospital Centres

  • 3 general and specialized care hospitals
  • 1 psychiatric care hospital 

Long-term care centres

  • 8 residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD) 


  • 1 readaptation centre (CR) for clienteles with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder 
  • 1 readaptation centre for troubled youth 

Youth Protection 

  • 1 child and youth protection centre (DPJ)

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Academic Mission

The Montréal West Island CIUSSS is affiliated with McGill University.

The U in CIUSSS is built on three axes:

  • University instruction in disciplines and programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels 
  • Research is a key element integral to our CIUSSS. Our two research centres are at the heart of our activities:
    • Douglas Hospital Research Centre
    • St. Mary’s Research Centre
  • Knowledge Transfer to publish and ensure the adoption of the latest knowledge, based on research or cutting-edge practices.

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