Civility Office


The Montréal West Island CIUSSS’ (MWI CIUSSS) is committed to providing a work environment that is healthy, civil, safe and free of harassment and violence for all staff members.

The Civility Office therefore provides:

  • Support 
  • Advice
  • Guidance
  • Prevention services
  • Specialized interventions

while respecting the applicable legal framework and best practices.      

The Civility Office is a neutral and impartial entity that provides confidential support within the existing legal framework.   

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Our Purpose

Ensure that all those involved in carrying out the mission of the MWI CIUSSS are treated with:


  • Respect 
  • Impartiality     
  • Dignity and
  • Fairness     

by encouraging courteous and civil interpersonal relationships.          

Prevent harassment and violence through:

  • Awareness ;
  • Information ;
  • Training ;           
  • Promotion of prevention activities ;     
  • Conflict resolution.          

 Intervene to :​​​​​​​

  • Reduce psychosocial risks ;
  • Improve quality of life in the workplace according to best practices ;
  • Instill a culture of caring amongst the employees ;
  • Proudly uphold the mission of the MWI CIUSSS.

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Promoting Civility

The MWI CIUSSS aims to promote civility and to maintain good working relationships based on respect, collaboration, active listening and teamwork amongst all its employees.    

When it comes to maintaining and creating a harmonious work environment, we all have a role to play. Regardless of the nature of our jobs, this starts with being respectful towards all those who contribute to achieving the CIUSSS’ mission. Our CIUSSS is committed to safeguarding this work climate.  

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We handle everything that is reported to us with confidentiality, fairness and impartiality.   

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