Medical internships


The goal of the Medical Rotation team is to further elevate the role of educators and rotation supervisors through collaboration, adapted communication, best practices and innovation.

The team is responsible for: 

  • Providing a respectful, stimulating and safe learning environment for both trainees and rotation supervisors in accordance with the standards in the collective agreement for residents  and the standards for students at McGill University ;
  • Increasing student/resident capacity by 2024 as per the Ministry’s vision;
  • Expanding medical education;
  • Supporting and collaborating with McGill University;
  • Supporting and collaborating with students/residents.

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Some data on medical internships

Our Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills Centre (CLASS)

  • Douglas Mental Health Institute
  • St. Mary's Hospital Center (SMHC)

The Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills Centre (CLASS) at St. Mary's Hospital Center was established in June 2021.  


The Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills Centre (CLASS) is available to various departments (Medicine and Nursing) at St. Mary's Hospital Center for clinical teaching simulation sessions.  


The mission of the center is to facilitate the clinical learning of St. Mary's Hospital students/residents by practicing on simulation models. It is a rich learning environment that aims to maximize information retention and enrich knowledge. As a result, our health care professionals will be able to begin their careers with great flexibility and success in continuously improving the quality of education and services provided to our patients/clients. 


The center aims to provide a space that promotes the principles of interdisciplinary and collaborative work and seeks to strengthen clinical knowledge. It also aims to teach communication skills and tools by practicing technical skills within the clinical setting.

For all requests or reservations 

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