Système d’information des évènements démographiques (SIED)

Who can use it?

In addition to the professionals authorized to complete the medical certificates of death, various other persons within the health and social services network are also involved in the death management process. These individuals will have restricted access to the SIED based on their position. 

Clinical signatories: Medical practitioners can complete and sign the form (e.g., physicians, coroner)
Clinical editors: Can complete but cannot sign the form (e.g., medical archivists, medical residents, nurses)
Administrative editors: Can complete the form’s identification sections (e.g., admissions officers, nurses)
Readers: Have read-only access (e.g., those to whom the information is sent: MSSS, ISQ, Directeur de l’état civil (DEC; +/- Héma-Québec, Curateur public du Québec, DMHUI-RC))
Reviewers: Can modify any of the information except for the cause of death and the clinical signature. Ensures the quality of the form after the fact (e.g., medical archivists, other)

Information Sessions

To facilitate the transition to the digital version of the SP-3 death certificate on September 20, 2022, the Professional Services Directorate invites you to view the following presentation as well as a recording of an information session held on the subject:

SIED - Information SessionsPresentationRecording

Contingency Plan

As part of the contingency plan, it is suggested that blank forms be printed and kept in place of the old SP-3 forms.

The blank form (pdf) allows the release of the body to the funeral home or other transporter. It does not however, provide the reference number and all information must be transcribed and the medical certification re-signed as soon as access to the SIED system is available. A three-day time limit from the time of death applies.

Access to the SIED

Click here to access the Système d’information des évènements démographiques (SIED)

As of September 20, 2022: the only official version of the SP-3 form will be the digital version. The paper version of the SP-3 form (Bulletin de décès) will no longer be accepted.

Requesting access rights

Access rights are granted through Octopus to users who have a CIUSSS ODIM email address. 

To access the SIED, a two-factor authentication is required.

The DGIT has created guides to help resolve issues that users may encounter when connecting to the SIED. The guides in question, which are only available in French, are: Procédure de connexion à SIED and Problèmes d’accès à SIED.

Physicians who require access to the SIED will only be able to do so through their MSSS Outlook account

To activate an Outlook account, click here

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