Primary care access point (GAP)

What is the GAP?

The GAP is a new service for people who do not have a family doctor

The primary care access point (GAP) is a new service that handles requests for one-time medical consultations for people who do not have a family doctor and then analyzes them so that they can be directed to the appropriate professional or medical service.  

More specifically, the GAP aims to provide those who do not have a family doctor with fair and timely access to primary care services.

The GAP team consists of clinical and administrative employees who are able to address client needs. This project will be rolled-out gradually across our various sectors, in collaboration with medical professionals and other frontline workers. 

GAP Roll-Out

The primary care access point (GAP) will be rolled-out across the West Island in phases, starting with those who do not have a family doctor and are registered on the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF), and also based on priority.

The Primary Care Access Point (GAP) is now open to those currently registered on the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF).

Reference Material

IMPORTANT: The referral request form is to be downloaded, filled out, saved and emailed for health professionals and pharmacists:

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