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  • Anthony Albers. Prospective randomized study comparing suprainguinal fascia iliaca block vs. pericapsular nerve group block vs. local anesthetic infiltration vs spinal anesthetic without adjuncts for pain control following total hip arthroplasty
  • Isabelle Leblanc. Too much pain doctor!: Training clinicians to detect expression s of psychological distress in patients of diverse ethnocultural groups


  • Rick Mah, Jane McCusker, Deniz Cetin-Sahin, Antonio Ciampi, David Dorr. Predicting adverse outcome in elderly patients by pattern of Emergency Department visits  
  • Jennifer Marandola, Sylvie Lambert, Victoria Bizgu, Woodeline Dorlean, Noella Ethier, Mary Desantis, Chantal Vincelette. Implementation of 24-Hour Newborn Weight Loss Reference Calculation on a Mother-Baby Unit and Impact on In-hospital Formula Supplementation  
  • Laura Pilozzi-Edmonds, Jane McCusker, T.T. Nguyen, A. Blotsky, J. St-Cyr, M. Bonnycastle. Reducing blood testing overuse on the medical inpatient unit at St-Mary’s Hospital  
  • Tien Nguyen, Jane McCusker, J. Chabot, M. Bonnycastle, S. Fung, M. Cole. Do Antibiotics Shorten the Duration or Severity of Delirium in Elderly Inpatients with Asymptomatic Pyuria? Feasibility of a Pragmatic Randomized-Control Trial  


  • Grace Ma, David Kenneth Wright. Referring a patient for palliative care: an ethnographic study.  
  • Maryse Larouche, Jane McCusker, Lisa Merovitz, Jens-Erik Walter, John Kildea. The St. Mary’s SPHERE (Surgical management of Pelvic floor disorders; Hospital patient Experience Rigorous Evaluation) Project   


  • Sylvie Lambert, Rosetta Antonacci, Jane McCusker, Haida Paraskevopoulos, Ellen Rosenberg. A mixed methods pilot study of the illness self-management skills, needs, barriers, andpreferences for interventions among patients from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background and their family caregivers.  
  • Susan Law, Marcela Hidalgo, Jennifer Somera, Marie-France Brizard, Jeannie Haggerty. Introducing a Quiet Time on aMaternity Ward: Engaging Patients and Staff to Assess Benefits and Barrier.  


  • Rosetta Antonacci, Susan Law, Mark Yaffe, Laura Carfagnini, Jeannie Haggerty, Devon Laframbroise, Peter Nugus. Engaging patients, families and professionals at the bedside using whiteboards.  
  • Maxine Dumas-Pilon, Anne Mirca Dupiton, Jeannie Haggerty. Group prenatal care research: Impact of group prenatal care on women’s experience and knowledge compared to individual prenatal care.  
  • Mario Luc, Jane McCusker, Antonio Ciampi. Lidocaine with epinephrine vs. Bupivacaine with epinephrine as a wrist block anesthetic in wide-awake hand surgery: an outcome study of patient’s pain perception.  
  • Peter Steinmetz, Jane McCusker. Does bedside ultrasound improve a medical student’s accuracy in diagnosing a pleural effusion?  


  • Antonio Ciampi, Cole M, and Dyachenko A. Patterns of Mental illnesses in the elderly: the case of Delirium  
  • Sangeeta Sandhu, Zargham R, Roy I. Repertoire of integrins in invasive breast cancer, proliferative and quiescent phenotypes  


  • Jeannie Haggerty, Egglefield L, Sproule D, Ibister-De Pauw A, Morris S, Doyle M. Implementation of Collective prescriptions in the Family Medicine Centre: an Action Research Project  
  • Laura Haiek, Semenic S, Brizard MF. Assessing compliance with the Nordic adaptation of the BFHI to the NICU  
  • Conrad Kavalec, McCusker J, Ciampi A. Pilot study of 3 methods of screening for diabetic retinopathy  
  • Amélie Perron, Beauvais L, Jacob JD, Corbeil D. Identification et gestion de la violence dans une unité psychiatrique mixte: Perceptions du personnel infirmier et des patients en matière de sécurité et dangerosité  
  • Balbina Russillo, Brizard MF, Somera MJ. Vaginal Birth after caesarian section: Evaluating eligibility, offer rate, and patient recall of consent for trial of labor  


  • Marc Pineault, Sewitch M. ErroMed training evaluation project  
  • Ellen Rosenberg, Is Control of cardiovascular disease risk factors better in immigrants not proficient in English or French when there is a professional interpreter?  


  • Maida Sewitch, Discussions of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer in mainstream health care: perspectives of family medicine patients and physicians  
  • Zita Kruszewski, Do research participants give informed consent? - A pilot study

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