How to contribute

Do you want to get involved in the community, contribute, share, learn new things, make a difference? Don’t wait any longer; join our 2 000 volunteers today!

Volunteering offers many opportunities, such as:

  • Assisting members of the community at home, in hospital, in a day centre or residential care centre.
  • Contributing to special events by helping with logistics, welcoming the public, hosting leisure activities,   working at our various boutiques, preparing Christmas baskets, supporting fund raising activities, etc.
  • Providing information, interacting with people, doing direct prevention work through the distribution of materials, and guiding clients toward various resources.
  • Do you have administrative skills? Help us with office work like updating contact lists, sorting, filing, data entry, etc.
  • Are you an artist at heart? Come strum a guitar, draw, paint, tell stories, knit, or even dance with our patients!

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Clientele served

The possibilities are endless with a clientele aged 0 to 100 years and a wide range of services! 

Consult the following pamphlets for more information on our installations.

Some important points to keep in mind

  • All our volunteers must undergo background checks;
  • All volunteers must attend an orientation session;
  • Your skills, interests, place of residence, and availability are taken into consideration
  • when matching you with another volunteer.

Our volunteers are celebrated each year in April.

Take a look!

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IRIS Vallianos, volunteer at CHSLD Denis-Benjamin-Viger

My mother-in-law needed long-term care and was at DBV for over 5 years. During that time, I got to know some of the residents and staff. I was very impressed by the attentive care provided by the staff and their social interaction with the residents. It had a very positive impact on me and, when the time came, I told myself that I too could make a difference and give a helping hand.  Volunteering at DBV is my way of giving back to the community. Knowing that I have helped and made someone’s day a little brighter is a great feeling!

LOUIS Beaudoin, volunteer at SAH

I’ve been retired for 3 years now. Life has treated me well and, when I first retired, I told myself that it would be nice to be able to lend a hand to those in need.

 My interest in military history, more specifically in the First and Second World War, led me to volunteer with veterans at Ste. Anne’s Hospital in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. 

I was first paired with a veteran who didn’t have anyone to visit him. Unfortunately, the gentleman passed away. My interactions with the residents are extremely fulfilling and make me feel as though I am being of service to those who really need it. I appreciate not only the residents, but also the support staff for their remarkable dedication.

SARAH Alexander, volunteer at the CROM

Volunteering at the CROM has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to make real friends. While volunteering, I have always been treated with appreciation and respect, and I love spending time with such wonderful people. There is truly no downside to helping your community and trying new things at the CROM!

LOUISE Cholette Laurier, volunteer at CHSLD Denis-Benjamin-Viger 

As a volunteer at CHSLD Denis Benjamin-Viger, I’m delighted to talk about my experience as someone who is paired with a resident. Spending time with Pauline fills me with joy. I can tell by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face just how much my being there means to her. These visits are just as special for me as they are for Pauline. Breaking her isolation gives me a sense of purpose and makes me feel like I’m adding a touch of love to a day that can otherwise feel long. There you have it!

Allie Wang, CROM

My name is Allie Wang and I’m studying nutrition at McGill. I’ve been volunteering at the West Montreal Readaptation Centre for almost 3 years now! I’ve developed a wonderful friendship with a patient through weekly in-person and online get-togethers, and it makes me feel involved in my community. We often go for walks or meet-up in a coffee shop to chat about anything and everything.


Contact us

For all volunteer-related inquiries, please email or call

We will contact you shortly!

Become a volunteer

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Option 2

To submit your application, download the application form and send it to:

  • By email: benevolat.comtl@ssss.gouv.qc.ca
  • By mail: Volunteer Services - Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Porteous Pavilion - Local K3318.1, 6875, boul. LaSalle, Montréal, (Quebec) H4H 1R3

Download the application form

We look forward to welcoming you!

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