Private employment agency personnel: we want to hire you!

Are you a nurse, nursing assistant, beneficiary assistant (PAB), rehabilitation assistant, or other health and social services professional currently working for an employment agency? That’s good … we’re hiring independent workers right now. As of October 2024, our CIUSSS will be required to limit the personnel it hires from employment agencies, so apply now!

Start at the CIUSSS ODIM today and:

  • Accumulate seniority, in accordance with the Front Commun’s agreement in principle
  • Access other interesting positions more quickly
  • Have access to better vacation choices


  • Working conditions that make a difference!
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation after 1 year of service;
  • 9.6 sick days (or the equivalent amount added to your salary);
  • 13 statutory holidays (or the equivalent amount added to your salary);
  • A competitive salary in addition to job-specific bonuses applicable to some positions;
  • Group insurance coverage (life, health, salary);
  • Defined benefits pension plan (RREGOP);
  • The option of a flexible work schedule for certain job titles;
  • Access to continuing education paid for by the employer;

Apply now by clicking here.

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