Lakeshore General Hospital : Set-up of a Modular Building

Set-up of a Modular Building

The Project

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) has authorized the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal to acquire a modular building in which the Emergency Department of the Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH) will be located temporarily.

The building will be set up in parking area P1 and attached to the hospital. It will remain in place for several years to simplify the construction of the new Emergency Department, which is scheduled to begin in 2025, as well as several reconfiguration projects planned at the hospital.  

This is excellent news! The building will provide a modern environment that meets existing standards, is easier access, and ensures a safer environment in which to provide the community with a better quality of care and services. 

In addition to the Emergency Department, located on the ground floor, the modular building will also welcome the future University-affiliated Family Medicine Group (U-FMG), a project in collaboration with McGill University, on the first floor. One benefit of this configuration is that it will make it easier to redirect priority and (P4 and P5) patients, improving case management.

The Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) will be moved and expanded. It will be located on the same floor to further improve fluidity within the hospital.

Set-up of the modular building will begin in the fall of 2023, with a planned opening in the spring of 2024.


Set-up WorkFall 2023 to Spring 2024
LaunchSpring 2024

Location of the modular building

Installation underway in Parking Area P1 (see pink construction zone on plan below).


Effective November 16, 2023

Please note that due to the installation of the modular building, Parking Area P1 will remain closed for a few years.

Parking extensions have been created on the site to compensate for the loss of space. (See parking extensions P2 and P4 on the plan).


There is currently a valet parking pilot project underway at the Lakeshore General Hospital. The project’s goal is to make it easier for users and visitors to access the hospital when coming by car. 

The service is accessible from Parking Area P2.


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Images of the Modular Building

Images of the construction site

Fall 2023

Panoramic view of the future location of the modular building in Parking Area P1.

Installation of the piles for the modular building.

Over 3,000 m3 of ground were removed from Parking Area P1 to allow construction of the pile structure and concrete foundations.

Project-related Communications

The CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal intends to keep the community informed about this project.

This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses. Check back often!

Contact the team

 Email us at

  • For questions or comments concerning this project;
  • To register to receive updates on the construction work.

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