Citizen partners

Who can become a citizen partner?

Anyone residing in the community can become a citizen partner. 

Are you willing to give your time and share your ideas? 

Do you want to put your personal experience to use to help improve health and social services across the West Island? 

Become a citizen partner today!

What is the role of a citizen partner?


Citizen partners:

  • Take on projects with teams made up of citizens, community partners and professionals from the health and social services network.
  • Make a real difference, relay concerns expressed by the population. 
  • Share their views and opinions: their voice is as important as that of CIUSSS partners and professionals.  

Specific examples of projects:

  • Organizing social activities (with youth) in CHSLDs to enhance the residents’ living environment.
  • Giving your opinion on fighting the taboos and stigma around mental health. 
  • Organizing activities to reduce social isolation in seniors.

Apply to become a citizen partner!

Some citizen partners shared the experiences they have had on various projects.

Discover Corey Hoare's experience!


Discover France Séguin's experience as a citizen partner! (FR only)

Why get involved?

To be an agent of change and improve care and services 

Other advantages:

  • Be better informed about the services offered across the territory
  • Be invited to meetings and consultations
  • Build a network of contacts
  • Identify career and internship opportunities within the health and social services network 

Apply to become a citizen partner

Help improve care and services 

To submit your application, simply fill out the registration form.

To get involved:


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