Members of the Board of Directors

Designated members

Vacant Regional Department of General Medicine (RDGM)
Vacant Council of Physicians, Dentists, and Pharmacists (CPDP)
Ms. Nada Dabbagh Regional Pharmaceutical Services Committee (RPSC)
Ms. May Nassar Council of Nurses (CN)
Ms. Marie-Julie Chartrand Multidisciplinary Council (MC)
Ms. Micheline Béland Users’ Committee (UC)

Named members

M. Dan Gabay President and CEO will take office on February 8, 2023
Dr. Shari Baum Affiliated universities
Dr. Samuel Benaroya Affiliated universities

Independent members

Ms. Isabelle Brault Governance or ethics competency
Mr. Allen Van der Wee Risk management, finance and accounting competency
Mr. Richard Legault President—Human, property and information resources competency
Mr. Paul Lohnes Auditing, performance, or quality management competency
Ms. France Desjardins Expertise with community organizations
Ms. Judy Martin Expertise in youth protection
Mr. Gary Whittaker Expertise in rehabilitation
Ms. Caroline Storr-Ordolis Expertise in rehabilitation
Mr. Alex Chayer Expertise in mental health
Vacant Experience as a social service user

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