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  • Notre pratique est encadrée par un ordre professionnelfaisant partie du réseau public de la santé.
  • Nos coûts sont complètement couverts par la Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).
  • Nous possédons une formation universitaire en pratique de sages-femmes.
  • Nous assurons la responsabilité complète des soins périnataux pour les grossesses d’évolution normale.
  • Nous sommes formées pour réagir dans les situations d’urgence tant pour la mère que pour le nouveau-né.

Pour plus d’informations sur la pratique de nos sages-femmes, veuillez visiter le site de regroupement les sages-femmes du Québec

Breastfeeding Support

The team at the Maison de naissance du Lac Saint-Louis nurtures and supports the family in their breastfeeding experience. The continuity of care, the support of birthing assistants, the extensive availability of midwives, and their in-depth knowledge help to promote smooth breastfeeding. Over 98% of our clients breastfeed.


Continuity of Care Post-Partum

No matter where you give birth, midwives will visit you at home the week after the birth. They made sure that you and your newborn are progressing normally. They continue to provide care for six weeks after the birth and remain available 24/7 during that time.


If I want to give birth in a hospital, can I be followed by a midwife?

Yes, giving birth in a hospital is one of the options offered by the Maison de naissance team. The Maison de naissance and hospitals have partnership agreements that make this possible. You can discuss the particularities of each birth place with your midwife.


Is a home birth safe?

Home births are governed by the Midwives Act. Pregnant individuals and their families can receive all of their care at home in the care of a team of midwives and with collaboration from healthcare services if needed. Various studies comparing the safety of home births and hospital births for women with normal pregnancies have concluded that they are equally safe.


What happens if something unusual happens during my pregnancy, my delivery, or after the birth?

Midwives are trained to recognize abnormal events that can occur during pregnancy, delivery, and after the birth, for both the mother and the baby. As per their field of practice and the regulations that govern it, a midwife will consult a collaborating doctor or transfer care to a medical team. There are partnership agreements with designated hospital centres to help with this process. 


If I choose to be followed by a midwife, can she sign the birth certificate?

Yes, at birth your baby is legally registered and you will receive all of the forms needed before you leave the Maison de naissance or hospital, or before the team leaves your home.


Meet our team!

Christiane Léonard, Midwife Services Coordinator

My vision: To fully embody what it is to be a midwife, in all of its complexity and challenges and wonders.

My goal: To excel at being present and loving to the whole Maison de naissance team, to support the bond and harmony we share, and to create a work environment where generosity, gratitude and joy reign.

Trista Leggett, midwife

I have been part of the Maison de naissance team for years, progressing from birthing assistant to student midwife to midwife. Living in the West Island  and getting to work as a midwife in my own community is a treat. It is highly rewarding to facilitate opportunities for a more personalized approach to pregnancy and childbirth. I am passionate about offering an environment that promotes respect and knowledge. I adore my job. 

Noémie Bérubé-Savard, midwife

I am originally from the Saguenay region. I am a midwife and I do not regret my career choice. Throughout my career, I have been to various Maisons de naissance (Québec, Pointe-Claire, and Terrebonne). I love being able to provide choices and personalized care, addressing questions and concerns, and being there for families throughout the transformational experience of pregnancy and childbirth. No one should be just a file number.

Catherine Mason, midwife

I graduated from Ontario’s Midwifery Education Program, and I worked in that province for several years.   From the adventures of working with Doctors Without Borders in Burundi to my time as a midwife in Québec’s Far North at the Inuulitsivik Health Centre, working with women and their families is the best job in the world. I chose to return to practice and I am now devoted to this wonderful team and clients at the Maison de naissance du Lac St-Louis.

Karianne Duperron-Goulet, midwife

Having returned to live in my hometown, I am now a midwife at the West Island Maison de naissance, close to my community. I was privileged to have been cared for by midwives for the births of both my sons. My own at-home birthing experiences gave me a feeling of power and immense wonder, and I am very happy that I can now provide women with a place where they can give birth powerfully and safely.

Houslène René, midwife

My experience in Québec as a midwife began with perinatal activities through community organizations that provide support to pregnant women and their families. It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to accompany pregnant people in their choices, their autonomy during pregnancy and birth, and after the delivery. I am happy to be part of the team at the Maison de naissance du Lac St-Louis, supporting them and the families we follow.

Karla Moran, midwife

When I discovered midwifery, it was love at first sight. I simply could not imagine myself doing anything else! With several years’ practice under my belt and my own experiences being cared for by a midwife during my pregnancies, I still love my work! I love giving all families choice. Respect, trust, and supportive caring are central to what we do. There is no better job than welcoming and accompanying lives in all forms!

Magali Letarte, midwife

As the mother of three children, with two births assisted by midwives, I started out as a member of the parents’ committee. I fought for the opening of new Maisons de naissance without knowing that I would eventually become a midwife. I love supporting pregnant people and their families, and working with them as they adjust to their new roles. Being present during the births, watching families come to be, supporting breastfeeding, witnessing such intimate and grandiose moments. I am a midwife so that everyone can find their own voice in their parenting journey.

Rachida Amrane, midwife

I am originally from Morocco and have had the opportunity to work on two other continents before arriving in North America. After several years as a midwife, I am still fascinated by and passionate about birthing. For me it is a privilege to share these sacred moments with families and I adore working as part of the team at the Maison de naissance de l’Ouest de l’Île.

Mouniya Bouthraline, midwife

I have been a midwife at the Maison de naissance de l’Ouest de l`Île since 2019. I came here from Morocco, where I graduated as a midwife in 2010. I love accompanying families on the journey to parenthood. I firmly believe that each pregnancy is unique, which makes my professional life and my relationships with these families even more fulfilling. Thank you to everyone who allows us to be a part of this intimate process.

Houleymathou Bah, midwife

I am originally from Guinea and arrived in Canada in the early 2000s. For much of my career I worked as a midwife in the Toronto area. In Ontario I worked at several facilities, including hospitals, birthing centres, clinics, and in homes, to assist with births. My clientele was very diverse. I arrived in Montréal in 2023, and I am now sharing my experience with women and families at the Maison de naissance de l’Ouest de l’Île.

Lucie Roussy, birthing assistant

I have always been passionate about the birthing experience. I became a birthing assistant at the Maison de naissance de l’Ouest de l’Île after having worked as a post-partum aide to women and their families. It’s a privilege to work in this field. Support, caring and respect are essential parts of my work.

Cindy Haines, birthing assistant

I love being a birthing assistant at the Maison de naissance l’Ouest de l’Île. I have been taking care of our clients and their families, and supporting our midwives since 2019. I grew up on Vancouver Island, BC and arrived in Montréal in 1995. But life would have it that I started a family here, five children, three of whom were born with the care of the midwives. I enjoy meeting all the wonderful people we serve, and being a part of this extraordinary team!

Lindsay Alger, birthing assistant

I have a background in psychoeducation and anthropology, and became a post-partum aide during the pandemic. I realized how much I could give to women during the birthing process, while providing support to their families in difficult times. I became a birthing assistant at the Maison de naissance, and now I help midwives and women who are giving birth with independence and pride. I give myself heart and soul to help midwives and their clients.

Jade Saint-Arnaud, birthing assistant

I spent a long time working in payroll, but I had the nagging feeling I wasn’t where I was meant to be. But where was that? After giving birth at the Maison de naissance and exploring extended breastfeeding, I started to accompany women in their own experiences. From the very beginning, I knew I had found my place. I am almost as passionate about babywearing as I am about childbirth. I always say that babywearing saved my maternity leave.


Maude Poirier-Pichette, birthing assistant

I am the mother of two young boys, and it is really thanks to them that I became interested in birthing and perinatal care. I love being with women and families and feeling that my work supports and comforts them. It is gratifying to know that I am making a difference in their experience at the Maison de naissance. It’s also a real privilege to work with the midwives, to watch and see the incredible work they do with their clients. We have a terrific team here!



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