Selection Process

Candidates eligible for this funding will be recommended to submit an application to St. Mary’s Research Centre, including the following:

a)    Cover letter

b)    Maximum two-page summary of research program including:

  1. Overview of proposed research program
  2. Synthesis of how the proposed program builds on previous experience, training and preliminary findings
  3. Description of how the proposed research program will reinforce the academic nature of clinical activities in oncology at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre

c)    Maximum one-page outline of currently available resources (including specifically funding) and projected needs (can be in the form of a table)

d)    Letter of endorsement from the St. Mary’s Director of the Oncology Department, detailing relevance to the hospital’s clinical plan, PEM availability and confirmation of protected time for research with proportional decrease of the candidate’s clinical duties.

e)    Documents confirming sub-speciality training and, if applicable, specific research training  

Recommendation for funding will be done after collaborative review of the application by selection committee composed of the Scientific Director of the SMRC, the GBDO Chair (McGill University) and the St. Mary’s Director of the Oncology Department.

Submissions should be send by November 4, 2022 to:

*This funding of the Oncology Career Development Award is made possible by the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation which is committed to supporting programs, projects and healthcare professionals for the advancement of St. Mary’s Hospital patient care, research and teaching

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