December 2022

Dr. Jane McCusker continues her work on the ISAR tool. Results just published BMC Geriatrics

A reseach team lead by Dr Jane McCusker Few investigated the use of the tool ISAR to predict outcomes of hospitalized patients. To improve usability a revised version of ISAR (ISAR-R), was developed. The ISAR-R is also widely used, although never formally validated. To address these two gaps, the research team aimed to assess the ability of the ISAR-R to predict readmission in a cohort of older adults who were hospitalized (admitted from the ED) and discharged home. Read the article


Dr Esfahani receives the Oncology Career Development Award

The St. Mary's Hospital Foundation, McGill Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology, St. Mary’s Research Centre (SMHC) and St. Mary's Oncology Department are proud to announce the inaugural recipient of the Oncology Career Development Award: Dr. Khashayar Esfahani.  Read the press release


Dr Sylvie Lambert publishes in BMC Psychology results of a psychometric evaluation of the CanSMART questionnaire

Psychometrically sound measures of chronic disease self-management tasks are needed to improve identification of patient needs and to tailor self-management programs. This study aimed to develop and conduct a preliminary psychometric analysis of the CanSMART questionnaire among a diverse, multimorbid Canadian population. The study involved 306 Canadian adults with one or more chronic physical and/or emotional illnesses. Read the article


Welcome to Nardin Farag who will contribute to breast cancer research in elderly women

Nardin Farag is a fourth-year medical student at McGill University. Her research interests relate to patient-centred care, global health and gender disparity. During her upcoming elective, she will work with SMRC Scientific Director, Dr. Ari Meguerditchian,  on a scoping review focusing on treatment for breast cancer in women over 85. This project aims to bridge the gap in knowledge for best practices for this vulnerable population.


November 2022

Dr. Maryse Larouche co-authors an article whose study took place at St. Mary's

Urogynecologist Maryse Larouche coresearcher in a study which   purpose was to determine the incidence of and risk factors for major intra or postoperative complications among women undergoing benign gynecologic surgeries. The study showed that complications are rare: based on a sample of 975 patients only 5.4% experienced major intra or postoperative complications.Busque AA, Belzile E, Rodrigues J, Larouche M. Major surgical complications of benign gynecologic procedures at a university-affiliated hospital. McGill Journal of Medicine. 2023;21(1) https://doi.org/10.26443/mjm.v21i1.960

October 2022

Anita Slominska, new Qualitative Research Assistant

Anita Slominska is a Qualitative Research Assistant with the e-IMPAQc project, under the supervision of Dr. Sylvie Lambert. Anita has recently graduated from Western University in Ontario with a PhD in Health Information Science, with research experience in narrative medicine and organ transplantation as well as in the development and evaluation of mHealth tools. In her role, she will contribute to data collection and analysis for the immunotherapy sub-project and the implementation study.

Findings from Dr. Deniz Cetin-Sahin's research on the perspectives of health care providers in the implementation of senior-friendly emergency department care

Senior-friendly emergency department (ED) care is emerging. Dr Deniz Centin-Sahin and her team explored key healthcare providers’ perspectives on factors affecting implementation of senior-friendly ED care during the first five years of the Senior-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Quebec.

In total, 33 providers participated Healthcare providers identified themes that can inform the development, effectiveness, and sustainability of other senior-friendly ED programs. Overall, successful implementation of senior-friendly ED care primarily depends on providers’ attitudes, but it requires a multidimensional approach and continuous support from organizations and healthcare systems.

Cetin-Sahin, Deniz; Ducharme, Francine; McCusker, Jane; Magalhaes, Mona; Veillette, Nathalie; Lachance, Paul-André; Cossette, Sylvie; Vadeboncoeur, Alain; Mah, Rick; Vu, T.T. Minh; and Berthelot, Simon (2022) Key Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on the Implementation of Senior-Friendly Emergency Department Care in Quebec. Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Vol. 3: Iss. 3, Article 4. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17294/2694-4715.1033

Photographic credit : Harry Cao

Laurelei Berniard, Qualitative Analyst with e-IMPAQc

Lairelei Berniard joins the e-IMPAQc team as a Qualitative Analyst. She works on the development of the e-IMPAQc initiative in various projects under the supervision of Mona Magalhaes. Previously, Laurelei worked on writing an article about loneliness. Laurelei is currently writing a master’s thesis in sociology at the University of Montreal.

Gabrielle Charron recruited by the Research Oncology team

Gabrielle Charron joined the Oncology Research team as a new Clinical Regulatory Coordinator. She is a recent graduate from McGill University, with a BA in Political Science and History. Her responsibilities include communicating with study sponsors and the Research and Ethic Board, aiding in study initiation, and managing recordkeeping systems.

Zein Mallouk joins Dr Sylvie Lambert's research team

Zein  joined the e-IMPAQc research team led by Dr. Sylvie Lambert. Zein is working on recruitment of patients at several hospital sites as well as data collection, summary, and other administrative tasks. Before joining the e-IMPAQc team, she worked on several research projects in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. She also worked as a clinical and community psychologist in several non-governmental organizations and humanitarian settings including UNICEF. Zein is currently a doctorate student in clinical psychology ate the Beirut Arab University. She is also working as a case worker manager developing a health and wellness department at the refugee center in Montreal.

New research grant in Oncology!

The St. Mary's Hospital Foundation, the Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology – McGill University, St. Mary’s Research Centre and the St. Mary's Oncology Department Oncology Career Development Award. Funding ranging between $25,000 to $60,000/year for three years! Send your submission by November 4, 2022.Visit the section "Research Grants Available" for more details 

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