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St. Mary's Research Centre

3777 rue Jean-Brillant, Hayes Pavilion, suite 4720 
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 0A2
Telephone: 514 345-3511, extension 5060 
Fax: 514-734-2652 

Research review 

Research Review Office 
3830 Avenue Lacombe, Hayes Pavilion, suite 4710 
Montreal (Quebec) H3T 1M5 
Telephone: 514 345-3511, extension 3698 
Fax: 514-734-2652


Project Development and Consultation 


Who's doing what?

NameTitle et functionTelephoneEmail
ALBERS, Dr. AnthonyClinician Researcher - Orthopaedics 
ARNAERT, AntoniaClinician Researcher - Nursing 
BASKARAN, SandhyaProgram Administrator514-345-3511 x3902 
BEAUCHESNE, Jean-DanielAssociate Director - Administration 
BELZILE, EricStatistician514-345-3511 x5069 
CANTINI, FrancaProgram Manager, Clinical Trial Operations - Oncology514-345-3511 x3321 
CHABOT, Dr. JuliaClinician Researcher - Gerontology 
DE RAAD, ManonAgente de planification, de programmation et de recherche514-345-3511 x3074 
HAGGERTY, JeanniePrincipal Scientist514-345-3511 x6634 
LAMBERT, SylviePrincipal Scientist 
LANGLEBEN, Dr. AdrianHead, Department of Oncology - Clinical Trials514-345-3511 x3793 
LAROUCHE, Dr. MaryseClinician Researcher - Urogynaeology 
LAW, SusanAssociate Researcher - University of Toronto 
MAGALHAES, MonaProgram Administrator 
MAH, Dr. RickClinician Researcher - Emergency Medicine 
MARANDOLA, JenniferClinician Researcher - Nursing 
MEGUERDITCHIAN, Dr. AriScientific Director514-345-3511 x5060 
MINOTTI, SimonaConsultant - Scientific Statistics 
NEDELCHEV, Dr. AtanasClinicial Researcher - Gynaecology 
PRCHAL, Dr. JaroslavClinicial Researcher - Oncology514-345-3511 x 3793 
RANEBURGER, ChristinaAssociate Director - Strategic Partnerships514-345-3511 x 5068 
SCHWARTZ, Dr. HannahClinicial Researcher - Psychiatry 
YAFFE, Dr. MarkClinician Researcher - Family Medicine 


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