Minh-Thi La

I enjoyed the perfectly beautiful birth I had dreamed of. It was a profound experience that will remain forever etched in the deepest recesses of my being. The serene and graceful event took place in the quiet tranquility of our home, with the support of my team of midwives, my doula, and my family.

During the night of November 17, my body slowly prepared for the next day’s labour. I was able to sleep through the latent stage and breathe through each of the mild waves as they ebbed and flowed. The next day, from 9 am to 12:30 pm, the waves intensified, but owing to the water and the tender touch of my doula and my beloved partner, my body and mind remained calm.  Four Ferguson reflexes later, our Norah Maï emerged, caught by her mother.

It is such a feeling of empowerment to be in a safe place, held by people you know and feel comfortable with. It allows you to trust that your body knows how to birth, and your baby knows how to be born. Thank you to the incredible crew who helped me along this journey: my midwives from the Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre in Pointe-Claire, my Doula Sabrina Garcia, and last but not least my rock, my husband François-Olivier.

Thank you, life. I am eternally grateful to the power that is greater than us all.
Judith A.



I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the birthing centre and to our wonderful midwife and her colleagues! Until recently, I had no idea what midwifery care involved, and now I want more people to benefit from this enriching experience!


I was lucky enough to be able to get a spot at the birthing center at 32 weeks pregnant! My whole plan had changed, and I was extremely excited and empowered with every midwife appointment. Even though I started the journey with them later than desired, they were phenomenal!

Every appointment question was answered in great length, every detail was explained, and every choice I had to make was completely supported, every insecurity or fear was listened to and addressed. These women are such angels, I really can not say it enough! I have to say that their dedication and their passion is absolutely admirable! I always felt safe and heard.

I really feel as though choosing a birthing center and choosing an unmedicated birth helped me connect with my baby on a deeper level as well.

Thank you to all team member at The Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre, you are all truly godsent!


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