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The Mental Health Scouting Network is a project launched by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux that has been deployed in all regions of Québec. The goal of the project is to increase the population’s capacity to adapt and cultivate resilience in a pandemic and post-pandemic context. 

In order to carry out this mission, the local network wants to put forward people who care about their well-being, the well-being of all and who are already acting or want to act within their community. In order to do so, the network of scouts is looking for partners who are citizens or community stakeholders who wish to take part in the project, be part of the team and become a scout!

The scouts will promote collaboration and the union of everyone's strengths in order to create a feeling of collective goodwill, to contribute to the improvement of the population's well-being and to support them in their psychosocial recovery process following the pandemic. 

Scouts are dedicated citizens who already have an established presence in their community.  

Their role consists of:

  • Spotting individuals who exhibit signs of psychological distress or symptoms associated with a mental illness, establishing contact and providing support 
  • Referring these individuals to the appropriate resources
  • Promoting se lf-care behaviours and how to care for others in their community
  • Strengthening community resilience and the social fabric
  • Mobilizing existing resources and key players (community settings, municipalities, youth centres, places of worship, etc.) in their community 

Scouts are supported by a bridging team that is made up of individuals from the Montréal West Island CIUSSS. 

It is together rather than individually that we will make a difference!
***It is important to note that the scouts will have access to short training sessions and will be supported by a relay team composed of workers from the Montréal West Island CIUSSS. They will support the scouts in the development of concrete actions (events, activities, etc.) as well as in referrals to CIUSSS professionals as needed.***

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