Vaccination for children: don’t miss it!

Check if your child’s vaccines are up to date

Vaccines are more effective when they are given at the right time! To ensure your child has the best protection possible, book an appointment for each of the 5 points in time in the vaccination schedule.

If your child is older than the recommended age, book an appointment anyway to catch up on missed vaccines. A health professional can offer advice during your appointment.

To make an appointment:  

Other vaccines recommended, depending on health status

If your child has a chronic illness, heart problem or immunosuppression, it is recommended to get the COVID-19 and flu vaccines, starting at 6 months of age. For more information → Qué | Qué

Questions and support

To get more information about vaccination from a doctor or health professional, call 811.

For tips and tricks on booking an appointment or checking your child’s vaccination booklet, click here to link to the Santé Montréal website.

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