Research, Teaching and Innovation

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Driven by innovation, the Montreal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre achieves its teaching and research mission through researcheducationknowledge transfer, and technology and intervention assessment that concern all of our facilities. Most of these activities deployed simultaneously, as is the case with WHO/PAHO Collaboration Centre projects.

The fact that some of our facilities are university affiliated provides the foundation for our IUHSSC’s production and knowledge transfer mission and allows it to materialize through our various programs and services. 

The Academic Affairs, Teaching and Research Directorate assumes leadership for our academic mission within all directorates, and works in close collaboration with research centres. The Directorate cultivates an academic culture by stimulating and solidifying our organization’s leadership in the various aspects of the academic mission. Its actions help promote and consolidate the organization’s university affiliations and clusters of expertise with a view to improve quality and efficiency of health care and services provided, and the scope of research findings. 

McGill University, the Réseau universitaire intégré de santé McGill, and affiliated research centres are among the major partners of our academic mission.



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