MIAM: ''Manger intelligemment avec mouvement''


Manger intelligemment avec mouvement (MIAM) is a program intended for less active and inactive children aged 9 to 12 years and their families, helping them to adopt healthy eating habits and increase physical activity. 

MIAM invites children and their families to take part in a series of 10 two-hour daily workshops aiming to initiate sustainable change and to create a positive family dynamic that promotes healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. 

MIAM is notable for its multidisciplinary approach that relies on a team of four health professionals. These include a physician, a nutritionist, a kinesiologist, and a social worker. In addition, it focuses on networking opportunities among participating families and within the local community. Through constructive dialogue, MIAM hopes to help participants develop their ability to make informed decisions to benefit their overall health. 

Upon completion of the program, participants can spend a weekend at Canadian Tire's Camp Bon Départ, free of charge, where they will enjoy a range of outdoor activities with members of the MIAM team. Click here for more information about the MIAM program.