Please note : Wearing a mask remains mandatory in our CLSCs.

Our 4 CLSCs provide a broad range of care and services. They include:

  • Nursing care (changing bandages, vaccinations; other injections; test centre; etc.);
  • Family services (prenatal classesbreastfeeding supportnutritional counselling; evaluation and orientation of youth in difficulty, with an intellectual disability, or a developmental delay; etc.);
  • Youth clinics (information; detection and treatment of sexually transmittable and blood-borne infections; etc.);
  • Psychosocial assessment, orientation, and follow-up (for youths and adults);
  • Adult services (smoking cessation; prevention of cardiometabolic risks; diabetes clinic; etc.);
  • Home Care Services.

For more information, please contact your CLSC. 

The care and services available may vary from one CLSC to another.

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