Job Postings

A Vast Array of Careers

Montréal West Island IUHSSC is made up of almost 14,000 employees dedicated to providing health and social services and to supporting the healthcare teams. To help fulfil our mission, we have among us:

  • Healthcare professionals of all sorts: physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, educators, etc.
  • Healthcare technicians: attendants, auxiliaries, etc.
  • Administrative support staff: administrative agents and technicians, etc.
  • Professional advisors: in human resources, in communications, etc.
  • Infrastructure specialists: engineers, architects, technologists, etc.
  • Tradespeople: plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc.
  • Information technology specialists: IT technicians and analysts, etc.
  • A range of more general job titles in transportation, maintenance, safety, sanitation, etc.

Have a look at the job offers we have available. You’re sure to find something for you!

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