Hôpital de LaSalle

The Family Birthing Unit at Hôpital de LaSalle, known as the Unité familiale des naissances (UFN), welcomes close to 3,600 babies a year. The Unit features a LDRP concept (labour, delivery, recovery and postpartum), which allows the family to remain in the same private room for the duration of their stay.

The Family Birthing Unit has 42 private rooms. An operating room and recovery room are also available on the unit.

Visiting hours

At any time

Restrictions :

  • The staff reserves the right to limit the number of visitors.
  • No visitors if the baby is in Intermediate Care. Only parents are allowed. 

Birth Plan

Some families like to create a birth plan in preparation for the delivery and arrival of their child. As part of your visit, you will get a form from the UFN that outlines our philosophy of care and on which you can indicate particular wishes you may have. Please take the time to go over this form with your doctor.  

Outpatient Clinic Services

  • GARE Clinic (high-risk pregnancies)
  • Breastfeeding Clinic staffed with doctors and the IBCLC (lactation consultants)
  • Pediatric Clinic

Contact us

8585 Terrasse Champlain
LaSalle (Québec)
H8P 1C1

Phone: 514-362-8000

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