COVID-19: Guidelines and Restrictions

For the health and safety of newborns and their families, and in accordance with ministerial guidelines, certain restrictions have been put in place on the Mother-Child Unit.

COVID-19 Symptoms

If you have a cough, difficulty breathing, fever and/or no abnormal pregnancy-related symptoms, call 1-877-644-4545.

Prenatal care check-ups and follow-up care

If possible, we kindly ask that you attend your prenatal care check-ups alone in an effort to comply with the physical distancing measures in effect. Your support person however, can be present with you during your appointments. They will be asked to fill out a screening questionnaire. A mask must be worn during the appointment.

Stay on the Maternal-Child Unit

Upon arrival

A nurse will be there to greet you and will ask you and your support person questions.  
You will be screened for COVID-19 even if you do not have symptoms. If you are positive, you will be placed in a room with preventive measures to keep everyone safe. 

During labour and delivery

If the support person does not have COVID-19 symptoms, they will be allowed into the delivery room and can be there for the birth provided they comply with the recommended protective measures (gown, mask and gloves).
In most cases, the support person is allowed to be there during the caesarean section (C-section), as long as they comply with the infection prevention measures. 
Leaving the room during labour and delivery is not allowed (except to use the dedicated toilet/shower). A boxed meal will be provided (as no cooking equipment is available). 

One support person is allowed and they must comply with the same preventive measures. 


Following your transfer to the Post-Partum Unit, your support person will not be allowed to go to the hospital cafeteria. They will however, be allowed to leave the hospital should they want. They will be given a COVID-19 questionnaire each time they arrive on the unit and will have to sign into the visitor logbook. 
While in the room, the support person will have to wear a gown and gloves at all times, and will have to put on a mask when staff members are in the room. 
Since a second significant person is not allowed on the Post-Partum Unit and visits are not permitted, even for siblings, your loved ones will be able to contact you by phone. Free Wi-Fi is available so that you may enjoy all other means of communication.

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